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Jacks & Jokers
Front Page News Feeds PDF Print E-mail
Written by Vinzclortho   
Wednesday, 04 January 2012 15:18

I've removed the front page feed from Darth Hater, because it sucked. They have pretty graphics, but they never update. I don't see any reason to give them assistance with their google page rank.

I replaced it with two feeds. oldrepublic.net and swtor-life.com.

If anybody has any better suggestions as to which feeds to use, please let us know in the forums.

Now get back to leveling so we can hit 50 and do something worth posting a screenshot of!

Goodbye Warcraft PDF Print E-mail
Written by Vinzclortho   
Thursday, 08 December 2011 19:51

...it's been fun, but we're switching to Star Wars.


The new website (this website with a different skin) is http://www.jacksandjokers.org/


It's still under construction, but should be functional once the DNS entries propagate.


Never underestimate the power of the Dark Side!

Last Updated ( Thursday, 08 December 2011 19:52 )

News From oldrepublic.net

News From swtor-life.com

Swtor Life
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  • Blocking
    ((The RP XP with MJ #57)) There is a RolePlay technique that’s incredibly easy to perfect and adds countless options to your RP affectations. It’s also extremely easy to master. The technique is called “blocking,” and it’s something you’re already familiar with if you’ve ever seen a movie, play or...
  • The Letter Exercise: Happy Holidays
    ((The RP XP with MJ #56)) There’s an exercise I do to help me keep characters updated, strong and easily accessible. It’s the same exercise a lot of novelists use to keep multiple personalities from falling apart as they write their stories. I call it The Letter Exercise.   Whether...